APA is an innovative and modular technological solution designed for the abatement of pollutants present in the ambient air.

Thanks to chemical, physical and mechanical integrated processes, APA can abate most pollutants present and/or released into the atmosphere very efficiently, such as atmospheric particulate matter (PM10), carbon monoxide, ozone, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), light hydrocarbons (methane, benzene, LPG, etc.), nitrogen and sulphur oxides (NOx, SOx), alcohol and acetylene. APA is a “filter-less” technological solution working at ground level and standing out for its easy installation and maintenance, for its low running costs and the real energy and economic saving. Another important feature is the capacity of being integrated in a simple and flexible way with other technologies to enable multidisciplinary, advanced and innovative services. Furthermore, APA does not generate any waste requiring special treatment. The performance and the results achieved concerning the improvement of the air quality allow APA to be defined as a “Best Available Technology”, that is a solution guaranteeing a high level of environment protection, enabling the protection of workers’ and citizens’ lives.

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Protecting people’s health

Protecting the environment and the surrounding territory

Saving energy

Decreasing the management costs