We re-think and re-design the enterprise as an entity responsible for the people living in it and the territory it interacts with. We do that starting with the air, a vital necessity for health and for the quality of people’s life and work.

The use of APA in the production and manufacturing areas is necessary in order to limit the emissions of fine particles directly in the places where they arise, thus lessening the risk of exposure to the personnel. APA is not only a Device of Collective Protection but also a valid aid for a more sustainable management. Since it does not need any intake of air from outside, the technology makes it possible, in fact, to keep constant the internal temperature of the plant and so avoid energy waste and cut down on the running costs.


An enterprise that cultivates relations with the communities of its territory is an enterprise which, first of all, protects its natural and cultural wealth.

With this purpose in mind, APA can intervene in the different passages of the production process according to the conditions and the needs of the industrial areas, by working not only at grass-roots levels, but also directly on the source of emission, thus also allowing the abatement of all pollutants released outside. Furthermore, thanks to its versatility, APA can be integrated with infrastructures and pre-existing antipollution plants, contributing to increase their efficacy.


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Waste cycle management

Centers for goods handling and transportation management

Building and construction

Chemical industry

Production of dry food and pre-slaughter breeding farms

Cogeneration plants

Metal manufacturing and steel plants

Manufacturing of wood, paper and cellulose

Marble working, manufacturing of ceramics and fiberglass

Paint furnaces

Mechanical workshops