Breathe your life

Breathing is moving, speaking, thinking.
Breathing is living.

Breathing is our main need; breathing clean air, because breathing is everything.
Clean air is necessary for everyone’s health, in the present and in the future, as well as for the environment where we live.

Over the years, industrial development, the constantly growing urban population, the increase in consumerism, need for mobility and energy needs have resulted in the gradual rise in polluting emissions in the atmosphere.

Significant and several implications of this phenomenon affect the environment as well as people’s health and well-being, cause production losses for enterprises and exacerbate the costs charged to the countries.

For this reason, we work to protect and improve the quality of the air we breathe.
Our research is oriented towards the implementation of technological solutions for air purification to the benefit of health, environment and its inhabitants.

By promoting the culture of Clean Air, we are redesigning industrial and urban spaces in favour of greater attention to clean air, in order to provide people with healthy environments.

We raise awareness and responsibility among today’s generations with regard to the importance of adopting virtuous behaviours benefiting the air we breathe. So, future generations will be able to better understand its importance and consciously behave in the collective and private realities.

The company

We work for the improvement of air quality in everyone’s living spheres.
With this aim, we plan and offer APA (Air Pollution Abatement) to the market, the innovative technological solution working for the abatement of air pollutants in industrial, productive and urban fields.
APA is a technological solution unique in its genre, because it can intervene at the polluting source and work without generating any special waste.

Thanks to the experience, the know-how and the industrial properties of ISTECH group we belong to, we are also thinking of the tomorrow’s APA, its technological evolution and its new application models.

Our principles

In a period of deep economic, social and environmental transformation, where a complex society creates new services, needs, forms of accessibility and work, enterprises must necessarily re-think and re-design themselves.
For this reason, we have identified the 5 principles that drive all our actions, together with a strong orientation towards technology, research and development to build a 5.0 enterprise: ISCLEANAIR.


An enterprise is green when its behaviour, the technology it develops, the ways and the contents by which it handles relationships with people, territories, clients, partners and suppliers, and stakeholders, in general, are green. The company’s workers too, must be green, with conscious life styles towards the environment, the territory and the others.

Internet of things and people

Thanks to an intelligent use of technology, services and daily life can improve. That is why an enterprise can be defined as 5.0 if, through the use of IoT and People, it encourages communication and relations not only among objects but between objects and people and between people themselves.

Dialogue with the territory

An enterprise cannot work irrespective of the territory where it operates. It rather must involve it, welcome it and support it, to pursue together objectives of common interest. The enterprise intends to be a reference point promoting culture on the territory through real actions aimed at involving people in common themes that characterise the territorial identity and the enterprise’s policy.


The aim of the enterprise, while operating, must always be beauty. While carrying out research, planning, producing, sharing with others, there must always be a “breath” of beauty. The enterprise is beautiful when it is “responsible” towards the world as a whole.

Universal design

It is the ability of an enterprise to address everybody, internally and externally, with its spaces, products and with its words, and more in general, with its economic behaviour. In other words, an enterprise which puts everybody in the same condition of working, benefiting of its own services, taking into consideration everyone’s physical and cultural diversities.